East Crown


How to buy

We only accept face-to-face selling for customers to make sure a watch’s condition and accuracy.

How to pay

By Cash (Japanese yen) or Bank wire.
Credit-card loan is not acceptable please understand it.
Please contact us for details of payment.

Trade and How to sell

We also trade and buy your interesting watches please get in touch with us from contact form.


We don’t offer any guarantee on movement accuracy, water-proof or any other mechanical guarantee as these are vintage watches unless stated. Also the damage, consumable and exterior parts are not covered by any warranty.

All vintage watches sold by EastCrown are not refundable as we let you check our watches in face-to-face dealing.

All watches remain the property of EastCrown until the watch has been paid for in full. There will be no postage/handling/insurance charges for any orders. However customers are responsible for any and all customs charges, duties or taxes.